Scott Doner, DDS
Scott Doner, DDS General Dentist

After working in group and private practice over the last several years, Dr. Scott Doner joined Concord Dental Associates in 2017. He continues to see his established patients from his private practice and he is happy to welcome new patients, as well.

Dr. Doner takes a holistic approach toward diagnosing and treating dental problems. His post-graduate dental studies support his philosophy that he is not just treating & repairing teeth, but also evaluating all supporting muscles, jaw joints, gum tissue, and bone necessary to hold teeth in place to ensure that all are in balance to function properly. He has invested in extensive training to learn how to analyze and correct how teeth contact each other.

In addition, he fully assesses and recognizes that the health of the rest of the body and a patient’s psychological status must be taken into account in order to understand the underlying conditions that may have led to their current dental disease. After fully assessing all of this information, Dr. Doner recommends a comprehensive dental solution that can result in the best predictable outcome and longevity for each individual patient. This whole body approach helps to achieve a beautiful and more long-lasting result.

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