Essential Guidelines You Must Read Before Getting Dental X-Rays While Pregnant

Essential Guidelines You Must Read Before Getting Dental X-Rays While Pregnant

Jul 01, 2022

The dentist may take dental x-rays to view your teeth and skull. Dental x-rays are harmless and pose no adverse effects.

Many people believe that it is unsafe to receive dental x-rays during pregnancy. This belief has resulted in numerous pregnant mothers having untreated gum and oral diseases, leading to severe consequences such as tooth loss. According to scientific research, x-rays are not dangerous for pregnant mothers. They are only used to diagnose and treat oral infections. By avoiding x-rays during pregnancy, mothers put their health in jeopardy. If you are pregnant and suffering from dental or gum infections, you should visit a dentist in Concord, NH, and receive a need assessment. Concord Dental Associates offer digital x-rays in Concord, NH.

Although not advisable, pregnant patients can still undergo dental x-rays. However, you should follow some guidelines when receiving dental x-rays during pregnancy. These will help you and your fetus to be safe.

Guidelines For Dental X-Rays During Pregnancy

The first precaution to take is to inform the dentist about your pregnancy before getting the dental x-rays. The dentist will ensure you put on a lead apron and a thyroid collar to protect against thyroid collar radiation during the scans.

When receiving dental x-rays, you should prioritize a dental facility that offers digital x-rays instead of traditional film x-rays. The digital counterparts expose you to minimal radiation and are thus safer for your health and the fetus.

The first trimester of pregnancy is the most active concerning the development of the fetus. It is thus the primary reason why pregnant mothers are encouraged to postpone dental procedures that require x-rays until the sensitive period has lapsed.

It is advised to wait until the second half of the second trimester to get any x-rays done. During this period, there is less risk to the baby. Theoretically, the third trimester should be safe for dental x-rays, but the patient may find it hard to lie on the back for long. Therefore, the second trimester is ideal for dental procedures involving x-rays.

If a patient requires emergency dental work, it can be performed irrespective of the trimester. There is no evidence showing that dental x-rays could hurt the developing embryo during the first trimester. Emergency cases should not be shelved to avoid severe consequences such as tooth loss.

Additionally, it would be best to postpone some necessary dental x-ray procedures but not urgent. They include cosmetic and elective procedures like veneers and teeth whitening. Also, routine dental-x-rays, particularly those used during regular dental checkups, should be postponed until the baby is born.

These procedures can be comfortably done during breastfeeding without any safety concerns. Therefore, it is essential to maintain optimal oral health during pregnancy to minimize the risk of getting dental infections that require instant intervention.

Consult With Your Dentist

Getting an expert’s opinion is the best thing you can do in any medical situation you find yourself inside. When you are pregnant and require some dental process that may necessitate dental x-rays, you should discuss it with a professional dentist. They will be able to walk you through your x-rays procedures and answer any questions that you might have. When discussing with your dentist, you should be very open so that they can explore all the options available to them.

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