All-Ceramic Crowns in Concord, NH

Dental crowns are dental appliances that we have several uses for at Concord Dental Associates. Crowns are placed over teeth like caps. Our dentist in Concord, NH, can use them to treat large cavities that can’t be treated using dental fillings. Crowns are also great at providing weak and damaged teeth with additional strength and support.

Crowns can be made of different types of materials, but ceramic crowns are very popular. At Concord Dental Associates, we provide dozens of patients with crowns every month. We have the experience, skill, and equipment to do so. If you’re looking for ceramic crowns near you, we’re here to help.

Ceramic Crowns

Many of our patients prefer ceramic crowns to other types. Ceramic crowns are the first option for front teeth since they show when a person smiles. When we’re planning to fix a front tooth, we have to keep cosmetics in mind. For the same reason, composite and ceramic fillings are preferred for cavities in front teeth.

A ceramic crown is durable and looks just like natural teeth. Patients with cracked, chipped, or broken front teeth can get ceramic crowns to protect and cover them. Porcelain crowns can also be used for the same reason as they have similar features.

Getting a Dental Crown

Patients getting dental crowns will need to visit us twice. During the first visit, our dentist near you will examine your teeth and measure the affected tooth using a digital scanner. The measurements are sent to a lab for crown manufacturing. Teeth are also checked for root canal problems during the first visit. If a patient needs root canal treatment, it’ll have to be done before the crown is placed.

Patients will need to return once we receive the ceramic crown from the lab. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable and feel as little discomfort as possible while we work to place the crown. After the crown is placed, you’ll be asked to bite to make sure it fits properly. We can make minor adjustments to the crown in the office so that it doesn’t bother you. You’ll stop being aware of it within a few days.

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