Appliance Therapy in Concord, NH

We appreciate our patients, but one of the many things they appreciate the most about the one-stop dental care they receive from our dentists near them is that they don’t have to travel from one dentist’s office to other specialty dentists to receive full-service dentistry.

That means that by choosing our dentists in Concord, NH for your general dentistry needs such as dental exams and cleanings, but discover that you might benefit from the use of appliance therapy near you, you can receive the same top-tier treatment that you’ve already grown accustomed to! Whether you need a sports guard, a nightguard or a snore guard, Concord Dental Associates is here to provide complete dentistry for you and your family.

Benefit from Appliance Therapy Near You

Although the term “appliance therapy” may seem like a broad classification, treatment is easily broken into three classes: snore guards, night guards, and sports guards. And, as you can imagine, each type of appliance serves a defined need in dental health.

Snore guards can be custom-fit by our dental care team to help control your snoring so you and your sleeping partner can enjoy not only a better night’s rest but a healthier night’s sleep as well!

Nightguards are a very effective treatment option for patients of almost any age who grind their teeth at night and want to prevent the onset of enamel erosion or the eventuality of fractures and tooth loss.

Last, but certainly not least, are sports guards. You see professional athletes using sports guards for a very powerful reason: they work! Whether you want to protect the investment you’ve already made in your smile or the smile of your child on the sport’s field, or prevent the need for future dental work, a sports guard is the one form of appliance therapy near you that should not be ignored.

Convenience is Our Touchstone

As a one-stop dental office, you can experience the convenience of scheduling back-to-back appointments with our dentists for appliance therapy, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, and more without having to worry about driving from one location to another for all-in-one dental care. Schedule an appointment now!

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