Microscope-Assisted Endodontics in Concord, NH

Why receive regular endodontic treatment when you can receive microscope-assisted endodontics near you? At Concord Dental Associates, we provide hundreds of patients with root canal treatments (endodontics) every year. Many people know that we’re a dentist in Concord, NH, that they can trust.

Endodontics are procedures where we treat the core of the tooth. This is also known as the pulp, and it contains the blood vessels and nerves that supply the tooth. We’re proud to announce that we can provide microscope-assisted endodontics in Concord, NH. Using a microscope, we can more effectively treat root canal problems.

Signs of Root Canal Problems

There are a few symptoms and signs that can let you know that it’s time to look for a dentist near you for endodontic treatment. Most patients experience increased sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks. You might also notice intermittent tooth pain.

Without treatment, these symptoms might go away after a few weeks. Patients mistakenly assume that the problem resolved on its own. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Without treatment, the nerve will die and stop transmitting pain signals. Early intervention through endodontic treatment is necessary to preserve the tooth.

Microscope-Assisted Endodontics

At Concord Dental Associates, we can perform endodontic treatments using a microscope. Patients need to understand that we’ll be working in a very small space. Some details that can’t be seen via the naked eye. There are multiple benefits to using a microscope in endodontic treatment.

Using a microscope, we’ll be able to access more difficult areas and using fewer incisions. Treatment will also be more accurate and, therefore, more effective. By creating fewer and more accurate incisions, the gums and dental cavity won’t be significantly traumatized. This will lead to shorter and smoother recoveries.

Microscope-assisted endodontics is very effective and can even be used as an alternative in patients who failed regular endodontic treatment. Our dentists are skilled and trained in performing microscope-assisted endodontics. We’ll explain the entire procedure to you before we begin, and we’ll let you know what to expect. Schedule an appointment now!

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