Root Canal Treatment in Concord, NH

A root canal is necessary to get rid of the decay and infection within a tooth to save it. When tooth decay reaches down into the root or pulp, it is usually very painful. There may be an infection in it as well, which is often dangerous if its abscesses.

Root Canals Are Not Painful

The painful portion of the root canal is when the tooth has decay in it that isn’t treated and gets down into the root or pulp of the tooth. One of our dentists at Concord Dental Associates will ensure you are comfortably numb during the procedure.

Before our dentist gives you an injection to numb the nerves in your tooth, they may provide sedation, such as laughing gas, that can relax you and provide pain relief from the injection. Then, they will monitor you throughout the procedure to ensure you don’t feel pain.

Use of a Dental Dam

Although it can feel awkward, our dentist in Concord, NH, will put a dental dam around the open tooth to keep it from being contaminated by the bacteria in your mouth. At the same time, the dental dam prevents debris from the decayed tooth from getting into your mouth.

A drill is used to open the enamel and clean out the decay in the crown, as well as within the tooth. Then, to further clean out the decay, your dentist will use small files to clean out the pulp and root of the tooth and reshape the canals. Most of the teeth up front have one canal, while premolars and molars can have two or three.

Where Does a Root Canal Take Place?

While other dental offices might refer you out to an endodontist, we have an endodontist in office who can perform root canals. After finishing reshaping the canals, then our dentist in Concord, NH, will fill the tooth with gutta-percha and close the tooth with a filling.

Then, after receiving a crown or other restoration piece for the tooth, they will add cement and place it on the tooth to restore it permanently. The crown protects the remainder of the natural tooth and restores its full function for you.

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