Complete Oral Exams in Concord, NH

Complete oral exams take less time than it might seem and are very effective at preserving dental health. At Concord Dental Associates in Concord, NH, our dentist near you performs complete oral exams daily. During these exams, our goal is to detect any abnormalities so we can start treating them as soon as possible.

Patients who undergo complete oral exams at Concord Dental Associates will get a complete survey. These exams include oral cancer screenings, gum disease evaluation, tooth decay screening, and occlusion & smile analyses. Those looking for complete oral exams in Concord, NH, can get in touch with us to set up an appointment.

Gum Disease Evaluation and Tooth Decay Screening

It can take months for gum disease and tooth decay to manifest. These are conditions that could be occurring silently in the background. By the time patients start to notice pain or discomfort, the disease could be at a moderate to severe stage.

We can examine our patients for signs of gum disease like inflamed gums and deep pockets. Tooth decay in the form of cavities can also be checked for via regular dental examination. We can use digital x-rays to assess parts of the mouth that we can’t see using our naked eyes. Digital x-rays help us assess cavity depth, root canal problems, and jawbone involvement.

The examination of existing restorations is also important. Dental fillings, crowns, bridges, and implants need to be regularly checked. If a dental appliance is damaged or needs to be replaced, we’ll be able to detect it.

Occlusion Analysis and Smile Analysis

Our dentist in Concord, NH, can perform occlusion and smile analyses to find ways to preserve and improve your dental health. Treating malocclusion and dental problems will help patients have brighter smiles and healthier teeth. Occlusion issues can also lead to damage to the TMJs. We have the technology and experience to perform occlusion and smile analyses for the benefit of our patients.

Our complete oral exams near you are thorough and efficient. Our dentist will explain everything to you in advance.

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