Sports Guard in Concord, NH

Looking for a sports guard in Concord, NH, for additional protection while playing basketball? Anyone playing sports that include contact or risk of falls should get a sports guard. This applies to people playing at different competitive levels. Even if you’re playing at the level of high school, having dental protection is recommended.

At Concord Dental Associates, we’re here to provide you with sports guards near you. We provide dozens of patients with sports guards every year. You can get an over-the-counter or a boil-and-bite sports guard, but it won’t be as effective as a custom-made one.

Regular and Boil-and-Bite Sports Guards

At Concord Dental Associates in Concord, NH, many of our patients ask us about store-bought sports guards. There are regular sports guards that you can buy online or in stores. These have fixed sizes, but we wouldn’t recommend them. Boil-and-bite sports guards are another alternative.

You can also buy these online or at a store, but they can be adjusted, unlike the regular ones. Placing these mouth guards in boiling water will make them softer. You can then wait for them to cool down before placing them in your mouth and biting. They’ll take the shape of your teeth.

Custom Sports Guards

Custom sports guards are the ones you get at a dentist near you. We make these based on accurate measurements of your teeth. The problem with store-bought sports guards is that they don’t fit properly and won’t do a good job of protecting your teeth. They might also interfere with your breathing and make playing sports harder.

A sports guard made at the dentist’s office, however, is tailored according to your teeth. It will do the best job of protecting your teeth and won’t bother you while playing sports. While custom sports guards are more expensive, the differences are obvious. Once you try a custom sports guard, it’ll be impossible to go back to using regular ones.

Get in touch with our office to set up an appointment for a custom-made sports guard.

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