Oral Cancer Screening in Concord, NH

Oral cancer screening is one of the services we provide to our patients at Concord Dental Associates. The goal of oral cancer screenings is to detect oral cancer at an early stage before patients start to complain of pain, swelling, or anything else.

At Concord Dental Associates, we realize that the early detection of cancer contributes to better outcomes. When cancer is diagnosed at an early stage, we have a better chance of curing it. Patients looking for oral cancer screening in Concord, NH, will be happy to know that we use the VELscope for more efficient screening.

Physical Examination

The detection of oral cancer requires an examination of the oral cavity. We will need to examine the patient’s oral cavity from the inside and the outside. The first step is to inspect all areas of the mouth, including under the tongue for abnormalities. Discolored areas, ulcers, and masses are some of the things that we look for.

Next, we’ll need to palpate for small masses. An examination of areas of the neck will also be required. The neck contains the lymph nodes, which can be indicative of cancer when enlarged. That’s not all, however, as we will also use the VELscope for more effective screening.

VELscope in Oral Cancer Screening

It takes a few minutes to use the VELscope device. No dyes or special preparations will be required, and it’s completely painless. The VELscope emits blue light into the mouth. Healthy tissue will fluoresce in a specific pattern so that abnormal tissue stands out. This helps our dentist in Concord, NH, detect very early cancer that’s not evident through regular physical examination.

The presence of abnormal tissue, as detected by the VELscope, does not confirm that a patient has cancer. The area in question will need to be biopsied and sent for pathology. We’ll have the diagnosis when we receive the pathology report.

VELscope is a tool that guides us and helps us detect oral cancer. Additionally, it’s not a substitute for physical examination. Both are used together for maximum results. The VELscope helps us provide our patients with more effective oral cancer screenings.

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