General Dentistry in Concord, NH

Moving to a new area can be very stressful. There are new streets to learn, new schools to find, and new restaurants to try out. Along with all these new choices comes having to choose a dentist for you and your family. What should you keep in mind when looking for new general dentistry? Our Concord Dental Associates dentists in Concord want to assure you that we have your best interests at heart.

What is a General Dentist?

Unlike specialists, general dentists offer a variety of services to help keep your dental health in excellent condition. At a routine visit to our dentist office in Concord, you will have a cleaning done by one member of our highly trained team. They will examine your teeth, mouth, and gums and advise how to maintain your dental health. If any decay is discovered during your exam, a filling may be administered to rectify the problem.

General dentists provide preventive, restorative, and cosmetic procedures and can assist in answering questions you may have about your dental health. One of the most common restorative procedures are dental fillings, but our general dentists in Concord provide many more services.

If you’ve undergone a dental trauma such as a cracked tooth or a knocked-out tooth, we can assist promptly. For patients who may be suffering from periodontal disease, our dentists will diagnose and help patients begin treatment.

How Often Should We See a General Dentist in Concord?

Our dentists in Concord recommend that patients visit our office approximately every six months for preventive services. Our patients are more than welcome to come in whenever they have a concern about their dental health. We encourage all our patients to visit our dental office if they feel that something isn’t right. Early diagnosis of a dental health issue will go a long way.

Of course, each patient is different. Some dentists may want to see patients more often to ensure that they are recovering correctly from a procedure. In any case, if you’re searching for a general dentist, don’t hesitate to contact Concord Dental Associates!

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