Digital X-rays in Concord, NH

With new dental technology, dentists can save time, money for their practices, and make their patients more comfortable than ever. With traditional film x-rays, it takes about five to 10 minutes to process the images for the dentist to view. While that isn’t very long, modern digital x-rays are almost instantly available for viewing.

Makes the Images Easier to See

The images for the teeth, jaw, and soft tissues come up on the screen for our dentists at Concord Dental Associates to view and analyze. If they spot something that they have trouble viewing, they can manipulate the settings onscreen to make details larger instead of needing to take further images of what they spot.

By being able to change settings like the brightness and contrast, our dentists can change the image to spot details they wouldn’t be able to see with a film x-ray. Digital x-rays also allow dentists to see the nerves within teeth to find out if they have been affected by an accident or decay.

Better Safety for Patients

Even though film x-ray machines only use small amounts of radiation when taking images, digital x-ray machines use even less. This makes digital x-ray machines safer to use on patients. Our patients at Concord Dental Associates can take comfort in knowing that they are subjected to less radiation when our dentists need images of your teeth.

Digital machines reduce radiation use by about 70 to 80 percent as compared to film x-ray machines. Despite lower radiation levels, women who are pregnant or might be pregnant should always advise our dentists near them in Concord, NH so that our dental staff can take extra precautions to protect their unborn children.

Better for the Environment

Digital x-ray machines are also better for the environment than film x-ray machines. With digital x-rays, there is less toxic waste because they reduce radiation usage and chemicals to process films are not necessary. Also, there isn’t any film to dispose of or store.

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